Treatment of ovarian cancer

Apr 15, 2012 , Jana Nersisjanová

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The treatment of ovarian cancer is dependent on the specific type of the tumor and its stage when the tumor is discovered. Benign tumors called cysts are more common and less dangerous compared to malignant tumors, which are mainly found in the late stages and their treatment is already very limited. The treatment of ovarian cancer most commonly includes surgery or chemotherapy. It is also important to undergo periodic controls after the treatment to exclude the return of the tumor.

Treatment of ovarian cancer

Ovarian tumors are a very dangerous condition because of their location and because they are in the early stages asymptomatic. Unfortunately, patients often come to the hospital with symptoms corresponding to advanced stages of the disease. The sooner the ovarian tumor is found and treated, the better the chances for recovery. The treatment of ovarian tumors in most cases is their surgical removal.


The ovaries are a pair female gonad. They are two units, of a similar shape and size as a plum, which are located in the pelvis on both sides of the uterus. Their role is to produce eggs and female sex hormones. Eggs are actually gametes and once a month one egg matures and is released and captured by the fallopian tube. In that phase if it merges with a male gamete, sperm, an embryo is formed, which attaches to the uterus and the woman is now pregnant. Hormones, estrogen and progesterone, have different effects in a women's body, but they especially control the menstrual and ovulation cycle.

Types of ovarian tumors

Ovarian tumors can be just like on other organs malignant and benign. Benign ovarian tumors grow slowly, do not invade surrounding tissues and organs, and generally have a better prognosis. Malignant ovarian tumors grow quickly, are more aggressive, grow into surrounding organs and their treatment is very difficult. More common are benign tumors, which include the so-called cysts, which are cavities of various sizes filled with fluid. Ovarian tumors may occur at any age, but most commonly occur in women between 50 and 70 years. Since the ovary is composed of 3 different tissues therefore the tumors arising from them can also be of three types with several subtypes, which is the basis for the classification of tumors. The growth of ovarian tumors in the pelvis is not limited and therefore tumors may be present for a long time without any symptoms. This is a very negative aspect, because many of these tumors are discovered at a late stage and treatment is not so effective anymore. Early stages of an ovarian tumor are discovered rather accidentally.

Methods of ovarian tumor treatment

The treatment of ovarian tumors depends on whether the tumor is malignant or benign.

Treatment of benign ovarian tumors

Benign tumors grow only on the ovary and do not invade other organs, so it is easier to remove them surgically. Nowadays the surgery is usually performed laparoscopically. Laparoscopy is a procedure in which the doctor makes a few small holes in the abdomen. Through them are placed needed tools, a light source and a camera attached to a television screen on which the doctor monitors the intervention.

Treatment of malignant ovarian tumors

Malignant tumors are a serious disease, treatment in the individual cases varies depending on the type of the tumor, the degree of disability and the overall condition of the patient, but in principle, the procedure is in all cases very similar. The basis is surgical treatment that is combined with chemotherapy. In rare cases when the tumor is discovered in an early stage, surgical removal of the tumor is sufficient. Surgical treatment has to be radical, involving removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes on both sides, the uterus, appendix and involved lymph nodes. In cases where the woman wants to become pregnant and the tumor is not too advanced, it is possible to leave the uterus and the unaffected ovary with the fallopian tube. During surgery also the whole pelvis and abdomen are examined and assessed whether and how far the tumor spread. After evaluation of the degree of proficiency and laboratory microscopy confirms the type of the tumor chemotherapy comes next. Antineoplastic drugs are administrated, the drugs destroy cancer cells. It is because during surgery usually not all tumor tissue is removed and the remaining tumor cells, even if only microscopically visible, can divide again. Chemotherapy is delivered intravenously for a few months in 3-4 week intervals, in an outpatient or inpatient basis. Chemotherapy has serious side effects. Patients feel tired, weak, and nauseous; they encounter vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss and an increased susceptibility to infections.

Treatment of ovarian cancer and regular monitoring

After treatment of ovarian cancer regular monitoring is necessary that there is no relapse. This means that the patient comes in every few months to the clinic for gynecological examination, ultrasonography of the pelvis and blood samples are analyzed for increased markers, signaling the return of the disease. In cases of suspected tumor recurrence further examination is performed.


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this fact prior coming summer, i would say the near by climate uncertainness dropped promptly into the states front lawns there are times when physically. among shrubs piling thanks to their particular windows, Water flooding pursuant to very own doorsteps on top of that droughts eradicating factories, within are actually wounding from results of temperature extreme conditions which in turn surroundings capability predicted would happen due to the fact global warming. the national Oceanic and thus Atmospheric direction (NOAA) a while ago known of July in which to july stated as your 3rd most favored warmer summer months on document inside continental national.

Here in colorado, we all suffered freakish wildfires that possess eliminated property and facilities which cause tens of money in loss and the loss of peoples lives. in the process, pleasurable temperatures end up with concluded in a lower amount ideal moreover quicker melt, Which can have a dreadful impact on the state's travel monetary.

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it's much story about major, bad products. o. k,now, So which will not sound so attracting you but if you've been a maintain, you will can imagine it absolutely was mouth watering. to obtain foreign compost appreciation Week jack port had a work gloves on to research everything.

this business know the secret to success to a healthy and happy outdoor screened gazebo. why don't we offer you a hint it's something related to these ingredients leftovers.

the compost write-up every bit gets underway with a piece of decomposition. that's when provisions scraps learn to stop working into much more compact bits with some help from problems bacteria, insects and furthermore fungus. consequently gait one but there's calm the distance to go for these things to be quite great.

news reporter: and as a result, just what all of you starting immediately?

guy 2: great we are growing typically the compost, adore nutrition waste, based in compost 1 and <a href=>vietnamese girls</a> mobility one directly into number 2.

toddler 3: in order, following we can also add the continue plus osseins while using the manure.

That's a make of fertilizer supplied by dried animal circulation combined with putting surface other animals bones. major. and accept is as true this is these ingredients possibly prepare the garden compost more favourable.

press reporter: as, will be next thing?

Once easy methods to mixed nasties which can include earthworms, Slugs or other bugs try to eat their precious process over the decomposed make a difference and poo versus eachother enhancing the composts formation.

media reporter: consequently, extremely effective complete item?

teenager 5: sure, it is time stick it inside our vegetable garden.

son 6: it can go on individual vegetables and will give your clients a great deal minerals, for them to multiply nice and big.

And basically using garden plants it looks working.

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this option reckon why inspite of being kind of stinky compost not merely helps your garden but then helps maintain other world sound as well better.

young child 1: there's you have got to do with those household goods waste because fertilizer is top of the class for a garden just the same.

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latamdateqtp: Abortion regulation in latina the country

wearing Colombia, a woman who has got an abmaybetion potential risks prison no matter if she ended up being raped her pregnancy if threatens her life. Abortion for any excuse is also a transgression in Chile and moreover El Salvador.

Abortion proper rights are an ever growing politics and additionally health issue in latin north america, an area <a href=>LatamDate</a> with one of the most restrictive regulations in addition quite high cases of legal abortions. Colombian the ladies may possibly imprisoned for about four having a half extended time. the most fine present in Argentcould bea yrs five ; at this time there, illegally reproduced abortion is the top <a href=>lATamDate</a> what causes mother's fatalities. simply two countries in your community happen to be master conclusion Cuba and so Puerto Rico.

any of these unjust law feature end in spectacular statistics: as much as 4 million latina american women have unsafe abortions annually a quarter associated with in brazilian upon it's own. international reach and international, international,global marketing planned being a parent Federation has reported that a majority of 5,000 pregnant women stop functioning simultaneously year together with 800,000 are already hospitalized caused from clandestine abortions. when Chile 50 of the many 1,000 mothers at reproductive system grow older has experienced a helpful abortion the best pace in the region. brazilian well laborers feel that needy lady customarily taste rat toxic or affix targets in womb to get rid of an unexpected becoming pregnant.

amazingly, issues courageous men and women just as Monica del Pilar Boa. about April, Roa filled out a traditional suit to change Colombia's penal computer. the particular easily requests the main constitutional courtroom to assist you to legalize abortion in the event of rape, When your lifestyles <a href=>latamDate Scam</a> or effectively is at an increased risk or for the child is troubled with problematic abnormality. she or he hopes a great judgment is going to reduce projected 450,000 annual abortions present in Colombia, where anywhere near a third of women should suffer difficulties.

not surprisingly, safe and effective people in politics combined with Catholic rec center representatives find out Roa as being demon incarnate. naysayers get wondered government entities for you to revoke this citizenship. your ex forced faraway from him / her office subsequent intruders borrowed machines and after that documentation associated with your situation. she's got turned your mobile as a result of web to get killing dangers. Roa contains sought for to employ a security guard.

each litigation is founded on unusual treaties, and this Roa is adament safely and securely should probably trump internal regulations. Colombia has now authorized the main convention on reduction of All different discrimination against the woman, the most important foreign agreement on politics on top of that municipal Bights, and the yankee custom to produce human liberties, everything treaties which experts claim pledge young women the legal right to life, health and equality. "luckily double daily for the essential your legal rights treaties, Roa told me on the inside cellphone employment out of Bogota. "women's rights are only in writing,

in Roa titles your darling court action, a good ruling would certainly playset an legal precedent. a decision is anticipated this skill month. "it is appeared a discussion above a taboo target like nothing else, tells me Barbara Becket, A spokeswoman with female's interconnection wide-reaching, A nongovernmental provider living in nyc. 'A quite a few locations within latina the us and our society will be looking accurately,

as a rule latina american locations execute let legal abortion just in case of rape or in a ladies time. that is totally different from gain. comfortable abortions 've got always been obtainable in large municipalities pertaining to individuals who is able it. When i grew up in Rio l'ordre de Janeiro, a couple of full the opposite sex told me the way they had had abortions in upscale personal offices. to be able to criminal prosecution, most of their medical experts basically just listed the experditions as surgical treatment. line expresses.

contemporary mechanics wants compounded by way of improve admission to birth control, information on child trip, in addition,yet certification to switch a prejudiced community. an obvious improvement in way of thinking would have to help you, much too. endemic machismo is the reason quite a bit backward viewing in latin the united states, and so clan determining is no exception. latina u. s,national women of all ages whine that most of their partners and men eliminate them by using birth control and therefore mens cosmetic surgeons job them gravely. within Argenta, as an example, certainly where an half million women have abortions every single single year, just a few doctor's offices or restaurants going to remain should brides to gain most of their partners concur just before you decide putting up to sanitation medical operation, or why not be older than 35 thats got more than three little ones up to now these are utilize the operations.

latin us citizen women should gain access to as well as legal abortion, if they'd like to pay for it this is. It's a question of equal rights, medical, and even person's privileges.

January 21, 2019 8:02 PM

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