Treatment of male infertility

Apr 15, 2012 , Veronika Fejfarová

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Treatment of male infertility depends mainly on causation which causes infertility. The fault may be a blockage of the vas deferens or varicocele that can be treated surgically. On the contrary, the impairment caused by immune system is solved by use of immunosuppressants. A number of other causations can be resolved by methods of assisted reproduction, including in vitro fertilization ("test-tube"), intrauterine insemination or intracytoplasmic injection.

Treatment of male infertility

Production of sperms is complex process for which is essential properly functioning hormonal regulation of the brain centres, unimpaired tissue in the testes that produce sperms and also free path through efferent genital tract. In all of these situations can occur a problem which is then the cause of infertility. Nowadays, modern medicine can solve most of these problems. Only about 3-5% of couples is unable to have their own child and the solution is adoption of a child or gamete donation. In the treatment of male infertility is important to find its causation and after that to solve it, if it is possible. We try to restore the natural mechanisms of the organism which are essential for fertility. However, this is not possible for all couples. Therefore, modern methods of assisted reproduction are performed.

Diagnosis of male infertility

First of all, it is necessary to make careful examination that is aimed on diseases related to infertility which are seemingly unrelated to sex organs but still affecting them. Therefore, we must adequately treat diabetes and blood pressure, but also to find out if the thyroid gland is functioning properly. In fact, all processes in the body are linked together. As mentioned at the beginning, for proper production of sperms is essential good hormonal regulation managed by brain centres. According to this is the examination of  responsible hormones performed. If we find that the culprit is the lack or high levels of hormones which are important for development and maturation of sperms, we have a few choices to resolve this situation. In most cases is medication sufficient. This treatment does  not come only into the hands of professional centres for reproduction, but as well as to other medical industries which must participate in it. If is the problem directly in the testicles, it is necessary to consistently avoid harmful effects that may cause the problem worse. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, unnecessarily exposure of the testes to high temperatures is not recommended, and also bad effect can have bathing in hot water, sauna and wearing tight underwear. It is also necessary to exclude infection and subsequent  inflammation of testes, epididymis or efferent genital tract. Therefore, specialized laboratory tests in which the causative agent is detected are performed and thus anti-inflammatory treatment can be performed.

Sperm count

Sperm count is the basic microscopic examination of semen sample in suspect for male infertility. Semen is collected to sterile container in the comfort of your own home or in centres of assisted reproduction. In some centres are available titillating videos for the comfortable collection or the possibility to have your partner with you. The quality of sample is determined by the number of sperms, their motility, shape and viscosity. This assay reliably prove whether  man is fertile or not.

Surgical treatment of male infertility

There are diseases that adversely affect testicular blood flow, and so the testes can not work and generate sperms properly. However, this diseases can be treated surgically. Varicocele is one of the diseases in which enlarged veins oppress and heat the scrotum. We can also treat surgically the clogged duct, i.e. vas deferens which transports sperms during ejaculation or emission of semen into the penis. The penis can be impassable after previous infection or its poor development.

Immunosuppressive treatment of male infertility

Body's own immune system can also cause damage to sperms and thus decrease their number because sperms are identified as foreign and immune systems destroys them.  With use of right medication, i.e. immunosuppressive drugs, may be achieved reduced function of immune system. However, if the problem is complex and can not be resolved by these methods, we perform technique of assisted reproduction.

Methods of assisted reproduction

In the treatment of male infertility, if the previous treatment methods failed or it is not possible to perform them, we approach to the methods of assisted reproduction which help couples to ensure their own children. These include intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the method by which, sperms that have reduced quality or their number is decreased, are directly moved into the womb, and thus the length which the sperms must overcome is shortened.

In vitro fertilization and ET

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is another method of assisted reproduction. In this method is egg fertilized by sperm outside the body. Created embryo is then returned to the uterus. This step is also known as ET or embryo transfer.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI, is the revolutionary method that significantly and positively influenced the results of treatment aimed on male infertility. To fertilize the egg  is required just single sperm that is injected directly into the ovum. Afterwards, embryo is put back into the uterus where it can develop normally.

If you are trying for a child and you were not yet successful, you should see a doctor who will help you to solve your problems and concerns. As the women have their doctors, the men have also their own. The medical field andrology deals just with diseases of male genital organs, and also with their treatment and prevention.


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