Liver transplant

Jul 10, 2012 , Zuzana Boučková

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transplantace-jater.jpg - kopie
Liver transplantation is an surgery that is needed in case of liver malfunction. It follows that it is a life-saving surgical operation. After a successful liver transplant the patient must follow pharmacological treatment that impairs the immune system of the body. For treatment are used so-called immunosuppressives that dampens the immune system in order to avoid rejection of the donated organ by recipient.

Liver transplant

The liver is necessary vital organ as it is centre of metabolic processes and the largest gland in our body. In addition, the liver significantly contributes to the removal of toxic and waste substances, creates important components in the blood and serves as a storehouse of various essential substances. It is necessary to proceed to liver transplant in a situation when liver malfunction occurs that can not be satisfactorily adjusted by the other type of treatment. Liver transplantation is unequivocally life-saving surgery.

Selection of patients for liver transplant

Liver transplantation is one of the very complex surgeries. The first successful liver transplantation was performed in 1967 by a surgical team led by Dr. Thomas Starzl of Denver, Colorado, United States. Not every patient with liver malfunction is suitable for undergoing this operation. For the inclusion in transplant list is necessary to meet certain criteria and vice versa contraindications can not be present. Contraindication means the state of patient's condition which prevents the realization of a therapeutic intervention. The indications for the surgery include final stage of some long term liver diseases seriously affecting its function, sudden failure on the basis of liver cells death, injuries and tumours. There is a relatively large amount of contraindications, therefore, to name but a few:

  • severe heart diseases
  • diseases affecting larger number of organs
  • recent complications caused by increased blood clotting
  • sepsis
  • alcohol or drug addiction
  • uncooperative patient
  • Liver transplant procedure

  • Liver for transplantation is obtained from a donor who is an individual with proven brain death. Donors must be identical to recipients in major blood groups, i.e. A, B, 0. Also the difference in weight of these persons should not be more than 1/5. Nowadays is performed orthotopic transplantation in which the liver is removed from the patient's abdomen and is replaced by the donor's organ. It is placed at the same location as the previous liver, and the donor's liver is successively connected to all blood vessels and bile ducts that were disconnected from the previous liver. The patient is during the entire operation in a state of anesthesia. The course of operation should be relatively fast, since the liver can not be outside the body for longer than 6-9 hours. After surgery is the patient moved to intensive care unit where is the patient closely monitored for several days. If no serious problems occur is the patient transferred to classical department for the next 3-4 weeks. Even after leaving hospital is the patient forced to use very carefully prescribed medications so-called  immunosuppressants. These have the function of suppressing immune system of body to prevent the recognition of new organ as foreign tissue. Then there would have come to the destruction of liver by the cells of immune system. This process is called graft rejection.

Prognosis of liver transplantation

In the most cases, successful liver transplantation results in significant improvement in quality of patient's life. In a large number of patients means liver transplant the chance of long term survival. The problem is in rediscovering of the disease that occurs due to liver failure, especially viral hepatitis C or cancer of this organ. The number of suitable donors is also insufficient, what doctors try to solve with the discovery of new methods in which, for example, they acquire part of an organ from living donors.

Life after liver transplant

Liver function can not be yet replaced in any way so in some serious diseases is liver transplantation necessary. After liver transplantation should the patient count with certain restrictions.

  • Dietary regimen after liver transplantation is important because the weight in majority of patients after liver transplant is increasing. It is primarily due to improved health status after transplantation, therefore, also in increased appetite. Likewise, some medications increase appetite and storage of lipids. Accordingly is recommended healthy, and especially varied diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Mainly in the first weeks after transplantation is important to receive increased amount of proteins. Also, fibre should be the part of daily diet. We should be cautious with salting, smoked foods or fatty meat.
  • Physical activity is important for maintaining fitness, mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore, after the surgical wound is healed, is recommended to pursue the sport. However, it is advisable to consult with your doctor about exercise.
  • Protection against infection is a very important issue which the patient after transplantation should not forget. It should be kept in mind that the use of immunosuppressive drugs reduces the function of natural immune system. Thus, susceptibility to infections increases. Therefore, vaccination  against certain infectious diseases such as hepatitis is recommended. Furthermore, it is regular hand washing, limited contact with sick people and not to be vaccinated with live vaccines.
  • Sexual life after liver transplant returns to normal. Women can even conceive. It is necessary to remember that immunity of the patients after liver transplant is reduced, and therefore it is possible to easily transfer infections through saliva, or transmission of sexual diseases.


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after the 52 3 loss to Marysville Pilchuck a week before, The Snohomish Panthers tried to redeem their own own as well as try to secure a state berth playing the Lakes Lancers last Friday. The Panthers punched into a endzone first with a 16 yard run by sophomore Joshua Vandergriend, But that could be all the Panthers could muster as they lost 31 7 in the week 10 winner to state playoff game in Snohomish. The Panthers found the Lakes' ground attack quantity of. Lancers leading rusher Devon Nofoa Masoe ran for 182 yards through the Panther

criminal. Vandergriend and resident

Tyler Larson, Who have emerged for over 1,400 yards of hurrying for the Panthers, Were only able to muster 84 yards total between them for the game. the photo, Larson because of the ball center, Tries by Vandergriend (3) To carry on the Lancer defense during the second half. the loss ended the Panthers' season at 5 5.

Glacier Peak Grizzly senior Abigail Varghese (area) Tries to cut for example betwen Inglemoor Vikings' Maya Oleynikova (remain) And Joie Christensen to reach the loose ball during first half action of the Grizzlies' 1 0 loss in the world-class match of the Wes King 4A playoff tournament at Glacier Peak Field on Thursday, nov. 7. the most important Grizzlies, Who finished the regular season as the Wesco 4A top seed, Going 13 1 0 in league play advanced to the world-class game, As well as qualifying for a berth in the state match by beating Eastlake 3 2 in overtime on Tuesday, nov. 5. The Grizzlies opened state match play by hosting the Sumner Spartans (15 3 0) At Glacier Peak Field soon after press time.

Glacier Peak Grizzly senior Brayden Corwin tries to fend off several Mount Vernon Bulldog defenders during the first half of the final game of the normal season, the spot that the Grizzlies won 17 14 with a game ending field goal by Corwin. The win identified the Grizzlies (7 2) no. 3 seed in Wesco 4A doing this Friday's winner to state playoffs. GP travels to Covington to use on the Kentwood Conks (7 2). in other football news, The Snohomish Panthers lost for a third consecutive time in two years to the Marysville Pilchuck Tomahawks 52 3 at Quil Ceda Stadium in Marysville. The loss denied the Panthers making use of Wesco 3A title, which won last season. typically the Panyourrs (5 4) Will host nys 3A ninth ranked Lakes Lancers from Lakewood in a winner to state 3A playoff match this Friday night. their Monroe Bearcats (7 2) Finished a normal season with a 51 6 win over the Cascade Bruins last Friday and host the Mt. si Wildcats (6 2) On friday. The state top 4A ranked Lake Stevens Vikings will administer on the Tahoma Bears in Lake Stevens on Friday night. Winners from pretty much everything week's games will advance into the state tournament, While the season wraps up for the others.

a new Snohomish Pangenerallyrs' Bree Nichols, A senior, Drives for her goal in first half action of the Snohomish win 4 0 over Everett on a frigid tues night in Snohomish, lifting the Wesco 3A title.

On Saturday in the playoff match, Snohomish beat Stanwood 3 0 to advance to the semi finals where they faced Ferndale on mondy, november. 5 in the District event after press time. in other soccer news, The Glacier Peak Grizzlies completed the regular season appears the Wesco 4A with a record of 14 1 1, as Wesco's No. 1 seed for the Wes King 4A event. They literally Eastlake Wolves, KingCo League's less. 2 seedling, On wednesday, november. 5 after drive time. The Monroe Bearcats have noticed their season end.

Snohomish Panther sophomore Joshua Vandergriend is trailed by a flock of Everett Seagulls mainly sophomore Caven Campbell (perfect), Senior victor Montiel (52) and as well as freshman

Derek Bryant (Far remain) As he heads down field for big yardage throughout the first half of the Panthers' 48 12 win on Homecoming night in Snohomish on Friday, september. 27.

After beating Shorewood 56 10 a week first, The Panthers kept their drive going since they

Put 41 points on the board before half time in the make an impression on Everett. The win kept the

Panthers (2 0 meeting, 2 2 to conclude) In beginning of the Wesco 3A South tied with Edmonds Woodway. The Gulls have not yet find a win as they are 0 4 on the season.

More sports within the ambani house Oct. 2 Tribune

Snohomish Panther sophomore individual Kyden Gaffney (allowed to remain) Reaches up to pull in the ball as he is defended by Glacier Peak Grizzly senior Elijah Crosby in the final minutes of the first half of the annual cross valley clash between the two Snohomish School District schools at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Snohomish on Friday, september. 13. In their dominance over the Panthers, The Grizzlies won for the eighth one-off year, Beating the Panthers 24 3 to undefeated in the rivalry. The Panthers were held they only have to 211 total yards on offence. Grizzly junior running back rushed for a game high 86 yards including a 50 yard <a href=>beautiful moldova</a> touchdown scoring sprint late in the fourth quarter. of the Pantypically thers (0 2) Take to the road immediately to face the Shorewood Thunderbirds in Shoreline on Friday,

even though Grizzlies (2 0) Host the Jackson Timberwolves at experts Memorial Stadium.

consist of football results: the exact Monroe Bearcats (1 1) Lost to highly ranked Woodinville High in a close 21 20 game a couple weeks ago. The state's top 4A ranked Lake Stevens Vikings stayed undefeated as they the fatigue Lincoln Abes 35 26 in a non league game. The Bearcats will travel to Lake Stevens this Friday to face the Vikings in a game that may predict the convention title.

Everett AquaSox left fielder Cade Marlowe reaches up to catch a fly ball deep in the outfield your Sox 10 1 loss to the Hillsboro Hops on Funko Field at Everett Memorial Stadium on Sunday, august. 11. after having a three day rest

During the All Star Game break at the beginning of last week, The Sox resumed play by taking two of three games the actual Canadians in Vancouver. The Sox returned home on Sunday where they the first of the <a href=>moldova dating</a> three game series from the Northwest league (NWL) Leading hops.

all the Sox (7 10 for second half of season, 25 30 over all) Were two games back of the Spokane Indians

And the Tri City Dust Devils who were tied for to begin with in the NWL's North Division at press time on Monday.

Everett AquaSox baserunner Cade Marlowe (14) and in addition Boise Hawk shortstop Ezequiel Tovar (8) Look back when it comes to first

facility as Hawk second rootman Isaac Collins (appropriate) Is tripped up by Marlowe's slip into second base. cost,you can tripped up, Collins' attempted double play throw to first was well off the marked, However Marlowe was put out on the play in the Sox's 6 2 win on Funko Field at Everett Memorial Stadium on July 1.

although the Sox won the first game of the short homestand with Boise last week, The Hawks won another two. The Sox then went driving on the road, Taking two of three games in Eugene associated with winning the first of three games in Vancouver last Sunday. The team returns home for another short three game homestand on Thursday.

At press time on thursday, The Sox were 12 12 on the season and were two games behind the No. 1 ranked Spokane Indians in the Northwest League's north division.

Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett on saturday, June 4. With renovations in progress at KeyArena in Seattle in preparation for the future NHL hockey team, The WNBA's Storm is understanding six games this season in Everett, along with the rest to be played at the Alaska Airlines Arena at the University of Washington. The June 4 game against minnesota was the third game in Everett, With three more continuing.

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