Gastric banding

Jul 10, 2012 , Ondřej Komín

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Gastric banding is surgical procedure that is aimed at weight reduction in patients who can not reduce their weight by other means. Gastric banding is performed either endoscopically via intragastric balloon or through laparoscopic surgery.

Gastric banding

Gastric banding is surgical procedure in which the upper part of stomach is constricted, and this leads to earlier feel of satiety. This is way to achieve weight loss in obese patients who fail to lose weight by conventional methods. The stomach is sack extension of digestive tract. It is a place where food is stored, and mechanically and chemically processed. The stomach is very flexible and when it is completely filled, it can contain up to 1.5 litres of chyme. Feelings of hunger or satiety are based, among other things, just from the amount of chyme in the stomach. Nowadays, when obesity is highly prevalent and causes health, psychological and aesthetic problems, methods to reduce weight are very sought after. If traditional treatment does not work a starvation diet or other weight loss alternatives are offered as a solution to gastric banding.

Indication of gastric banding

Indication means the reasons for which is appropriate to implement a certain therapeutic or diagnostic procedure. In the case of gastric banding it is obesity. Obese patient is the one that has so-called Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30. Everyone can calculate BMI as the proportion of weight in kilograms and height in meters squared. Gastric banding is indicated in the patients with BMI of 40 or more. At the same time these are the people who fail to lose weight in the long term by other methods, such as weight reducing diet, exercise and more. In this case, the most frequently chosen operation is gastric banding.

Methods of gastric banding

Gastric banding is a method which does not reduce appetite but it reduces the daily dose of food. Thus, the patient avoids the discomfort of hunger. There are several methods of gastric banding. However, in all of them, the patient determination to lose weight is essential because in case of the overeating bandage might fail. We can choose between two types of gastric banding, a surgical operation and non-surgical alternative, i.e. the introduction of the intragastric balloon.

Intragastric balloon

Gastric banding is surgery in which the surgeon will reduce the volume of stomach without removing or diminishing gastric tissue. If the patient is unwilling or unable to undergo operative intervention there is an option called intragastric balloon (BIB). Doctor introduces the silicone balloon into stomach through the oesophagus. Inconvenience of surgery is significantly reduced by use of local anesthesia which is sprayed to the nasopharynx and pharynx causing their insensibility. Balloon in the stomach fills physician with physiological solution, i.e. the body's natural fluid, which then inflates and reduces stomach volume. Reduction of the volume of stomach means that the appetite remains but feeling of satiety comes after a few bites. Size of the balloon can be adjusted according to current medical condition or course of the treatment. After about half a year, the balloon is emptied and taken out again through the oesophagus. If it is necessary, the method can be repeated. 

Operative gastric banding

Surgical method of gastric banding requires a general anesthesia which means that the patient is throughout the treatment asleep and feels no pain. The doctor performs the surgery laparoscopically. It is a method which does not penetrate into the abdominal cavity through incision but with the use of laparoscope, i.e. operating optical device equipped with a camera, scalpel and other special tools. The injection site is the navel and one or two other places, so the traces after surgery are almost invisible. Doctor constrain the upper part of stomach with silicone strip which size can be adjusted. This is necessary at the moment when feeling of satiety is not present or when we have frequent feelings of hunger. It is not a difficult procedure and postoperative pain can be easily managed with pain relief medication prescribed by your doctor.

Results of gastric banding

The risks of surgery are compared with the risks posed by obesity infinitely small and bandage in the vast majority of cases avoid complications. With gastric banding is the patient's weight reduced by 2-10 kg per month so after two years can weight loss reach 30-40 kg. Overall health state of the patient is increased which results from the reduction of weight. It comes to joints relieve, mobility improvement, reduction of sugars and fats in the blood, and blood pressure. Chances for weight loss with exercise are increased along with increased mobility. Gastric banding performed in surgical way is a long-term and it can last about 15 years. The bandage can be removed at any time without causing any damage to the gastrointestinal tract. However, in many cases banding persists for a long time and helps the patients on their path to better figure. The most important role is played by the patient's determination and effort to reduce weight. No matter how well gastric banding is performed it may be ineffective for disorderly patient. 


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