Hepatitis A

Jul 10, 2012 , Pavel Xinopulos

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Hepatitis A is a viral inflammation of the liver, which is usually caused by a virus transmitted to human as a result of inadequate sanitation, especially hand washing. Hepatitis A is disease with a good prognosis and which rarely leads to liver malfunction when compared with other viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis A

Inflammation of the liver, hepatitis professionally, may have an infective origin, as well as non-infectious. Hepatitis A virus invades the liver and causes its temporary damage. The liver is an organ that is essential for life. It is the organ which deprives the human body of harmful substances and also provides necessary substances to the body. If the liver stops working completely, in the next few hours or days can so-called hepatic coma and death develop.

Development of hepatitis A

In most cases hepatitis A will not cause so severe damage to hepatic tissue. Hepatitis A is often referred to as "disease of dirty hands", from which one can deduce the main modes of transmission, mainly poor hand hygiene when preparing food along with its imperfect heat preparation. Transmission through blood is rather rare. Most commonly, transmission occurs in group of children in nursery schools and other collectives. After the penetration of hepatitis virus in the body, the virus settles in the liver cells and begins to replicate. This triggers our white blood cells to reaction which by secretion of a number of substances start to destroy liver cells affected by this virus. This is a defensive reaction of our body which aims to destroy and eliminate the virus from the body.

Manifestations of hepatitis A

The early clinical symptoms of hepatitis A include fever, nausea, weakness, muscle and joint pain, pain in the right hypochondrium, vomiting and loss of appetite. Yellowing of the skin and eye sclera, i.e. jaundice, is not surprisingly regular symptom of viral hepatitis A disease. On the contrary, sometimes it may be the only symptom of the disease. The patient may also experience a very dark urine and pale stools conversely.

Diagnosis of hepatitis A

Diagnosis of hepatitis A is apparent from a careful medical history, clinical symptoms, and mainly from taking a blood and urine sample which monitors the presence of the virus and antibodies against them. At the same time, liver enzymes are monitored because they are elevated during jaundice. Likewise, level of so-called bilirubin, a yellow dye, which make the color of skin, eye sclera and mucous membranes of the oral cavity is monitored. It is essential to ask patient about vaccination against hepatitis A.

Treatment of hepatitis A

Treatment of hepatitis A is not aimed directly against the virus itself. Only the symptoms of the disease mentioned above are treated. Therefore, the patient receive antipyretics, drugs to lower temperature and analgesics against pain. The patient must be isolated in infectious diseases unit for a period necessary to prevent further spread of the disease. It is also necessary to trace and monitor all persons who came into contact with the patient. Treatment of hepatitis A is based on dietary measures and cot rest. The diet consists of limiting fat intake, and in increased intake of proteins and carbohydrates which are essential for liver regeneration. For the patient, there is an absolute ban on alcohol.

Prognosis of hepatitis A

Prognosis, or progress and further development of hepatitis A is good. The patient almost always recover completely witahout consequences. Only in rare cases can serious liver damage and other health consequences develop, especially in those with chronic liver disease and other comorbidities.

Lessons in conclusion

In the event of that you or people around you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, suggesting to hepatitis A, do not hesitate to see your GP. Hepatitis A is indistinguishable from any other, more serious type of jaundice caused by another agent. The best way to prevent from hepatitis A is preferably by vaccination, which can be done by your GP.


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