Diseases of the penis

May 9, 2012 , Vladislava Králová

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Diseases of the penis vary in severity. Diseases of the penis are erectile dysfunction or an inability to reach erection, priapism a problem of a completely opposite nature, and also phimosis or narrowing of the prepuce, which prevents its retraction over the glans. Phimosis is sometimes associated with cancer of the penis. This article will describe the individual diseases.

Diseases of the penis

Penis is a male sex organ. It is also called a copulatory organ, because it is primarily involved in the sexual intercourse. It has a root, body, urethra and glans, which is covered by a thin skin – prepuce. Its average length is 10-12 cm in the resting state and 13/17 cm during erection. It consists of erectile bodies of sponge-like structure. The erectile bodies are capable of hardening, which is the nature of erection. During the erection, blood-flow in the penis increases. The bodies accumulate this blood, enlarge and the blood drainage from the penis is restricted. The penis erects, enlarges and is ready for a sexual intercourse. Ejaculation is another function of the penis. It is an expelling of semen at the climax of an intercourse. Both erection and ejaculation are under the control of complex mechanisms in the brain. Penis can be affected by numerous diseases, which vary in manifestation, duration, treatment, severity and prognosis. Erectile dysfunction, phimosis and penile cancer count among the diseases of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very common disease of the penis. It affects almost 50% men aged over 40 years. Erectile dysfunction is an unpleasant problem, which prevents from reaching erection or maintaining erection for long enough. Erectile dysfunction can have either an organic or a psychogenic cause. In organic causes the erectile dysfunction is caused by a disease. It causes up to 80% of all cases. They are most commonly vascular diseases, certain neurologic diseases, endocrine diseases and diabetes. The second group of causes of erectile dysfunctions are psychogenic causes. They represent the remaining 20%. Negative emotions, depression, fear of failure, anxiety and shame belong in this group.


Priapism is a less usual disease of the penis. It is a long painful erection, which is not induced by sexual arousal. The erectile bodies are affected. The disease requires an acute treatment, because it may lead to a permanent loss of erectile function. Priapism may have primary (undiscovered) and secondary causes. Injections into the penis, side effects of certain drugs, some blood diseases and trauma of the penis represent the secondary causes. The nature of the priapism is either a chronic increase in blood flow in the penis or chronically compromised blood drainage from the penis. If this condition persists for 24 hours, blood clots form in the erectile bodies. This leads to a permanent loss of erectile function. Treatment is conservative. The penis is cooled and the accumulated blood is drained from it. If the conservative treatment is not successful, a rapid surgical intervention is necessary.

Phimosis and cancer of the penis

Phimosis is a narrowing of the prepuce, so that it cannot be retracted over the glans. In boys aged 2-3 years it is common, normal and it usually resolves. It is important to emphasize, that the foreskin should not be retracted by force, because it causes scaring and worsens the condition. If the phimosis occurs in an older age, it typically results from repeated inflammation of the glans or forcible retracting. Phimosis is treated by a simple surgical intervention, which also has a preventive nature, because phimosis is one of the risk factors of cancer of the penis. Cancer of the penis is rare in our geographic latitudes. This malignant tumor originates from the skin of the penis. That is why we call it a squamous cell carcinoma. An insufficient hygiene is the main risk factor of the penile cancer and phimosis contributes to it. If an ulcer, which does not heal, occurs anywhere on the surface of the penis, you should consult a doctor. The cancer spreads via the inguinal lymph nodes to the whole body and forms distant foci – metastases. The treat of penile cancer combines surgical intervention, radiotherapy (irradiation) and sometimes chemotherapy (aggressive substances against the cancer cells). With respect to the spread of the cancer a part or the whole penis is amputated.

If there is a problem, seek a doctor

If you have any problem about the penis, you should seek doctor’s help immediately. It is hard to recommend, which specialist you should contact (urologist, dermatovenerologist, neurologist or other). It depends on the nature of your problem. The treatment may be multidisciplinary, which means it takes place in multiple centres. That is why you should see your general practitioner first. He or she will refer you to an appropriate department. Shame and taking the diseases of the penis too lightly are not in place. As in any other disease the earlier the treatment starts the higher the chances for complete recovery.


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Dianelach: attempts in checking out

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Joshuagal: Minor in Asian u. s Studies

College of EducationAsian american Studies (AAS) provides an interdisciplinary minor that examines Asian Pacific American (APA) encounters in many socioeconomic, personal, Political and enlightening aspects and how they shaped and shifted APA communities across the nation. in order to other subfields in ethnic studies, The training and a minor in AAS are crucial in ensuring students success in a culturally diverse world, In which the Asian American inhabitants are now the fastest growing and amongst the most influential minorities. furthermore, In a 21st century global economic conditions, A minor in this field is becoming much needed in building the cross cultural and transnational understandings for those who wish to pursue a career involving the growing opportunities in asian countries.

A minor in Asian American Studies prepares students for plenty of careers in counseling, Human remedies, caring for, Public insolvency, blogging, establishment, Law and health professionals <a href=http://vietmatches.com/what-to-talk-about-when-chatting-with-vietnamese-lady>chinese dating</a> as well as teaching careers in English, human history, political science, mindset, Sociology and K 12 and beyond college.

The minor in Asian American Studies at UH provides students with possibilities to research and interact with ethnically diverse members of the Asian and Asian American communities through local projects and the China Study Abroad Program. Integrated topics include immigration law, Diaspora, Transnationalism, Asian/Asian American cultures through books and film, And global authority in education.

what is going to I learn?

Students will learn about Asian American Studies from a broad range of aspects. Topics embrace, but are not limited to:

Asian our history, ethnicities, together with communities

Asian American books and arts

Cross cultural and transnational understandings between the u. s and Asia

Global authority in education

To enrich this syllabus, it <a href=http://www.cupidseekers.com/tag/girls-from-philippines/>southern chinese women</a> also offers:

Community based research projects

Study abroad programsWhat can I do with my diploma?

A minor in Asian American Studies prepares students for a variety of careers in all of the following professions:.

February 18, 2020 4:10 AM

Justinbem: Kremlin lookups euro personality previously Putin make

MOSCOW (AP) just what problem run-of-the-mill Russians the majority of important? deal enhances, Withheld salaries and as a consequence potholed roadways, to be able to those getting leader Vladimir Putin pertaining to her extraordinarily choreographed annual contact teach relating to monday.

The Kremlin have been sorting like a a great deal more 1 million enquiries by means of around the world to pick up Putin willing for the television gathering, which in turn leads four minutes if not more. because of Russia's country by duress as a result of budget friendly universal petrol their costs and so west supports, the actual Kremlin is specially attuned to be able to different rumblings most typically associated with discontent.

to have every day Russians, the call in have shown presents them the opportunity to feel like their has to do with will be learned, having fun with about the customs dating back to to Imperial russia, which peasants without doubt fascination with the the czar.

in the past week, Russians appear to have been presenting inquiries to the Kremlin by using the a shopping site or thru social multimedia system online shops. rrn the course of Thursday's indicate to, professionals possibly can handset in furthermore Putin will take questions below produced by Russians over used video formats sites around the, But the presentation will be position maintained.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied promoting price raise combined with withheld incomes probably are one of major has to do with this advice year. The Kremlin has been crammed while using questions about your Russia's paths, several in the middle of pictures relating to pockmarked highways, he / she also told newspaper writers.

the main director also is planning to allocate a lot of time to populace politics doing this year, Trenin known.

"the ussr has actually been near the war in the middle east as news got around proper. it's been at this point lasting, but rather people are involved. sufferers are also concerned with what the results are in Ukraine next, he explained.

very nearly half concerning Russians told they would talk to Putin which involves loaves of bread combined with butter financial queries like for example funds flow rates promoting hikes, in order to a feedback survey throughout the independent Levada meeting place. really 12 per-cent, at the same time, stated that through inquire about Russia's endemic crime.

laptop computer, practiced March 25 28 among 1,600 folks via russian federation, featured the economical difficulties fighting the actual. a clear, crisp devaluation in to ruble has recently supplied so as to larger blowing up and a rise increasing amount of <a href=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/2018/07/11/ukrainian-vs-russian-what-are-the-differences/>hot russian females</a> cost of living, when you are employment opportunities have actually refined.

in which queried on the interrelated force just what she'd inquire if she found the prospect, Moscow retiree Yevgenia Kosyankov had to talk about: "inform me please be sure to, Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin), anytime will we settle with ease, confidently and as a consequence prosperously? all people wealthy <a href=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/tag/russian-women-are-hot/>russian girl</a> as opposed to individual men and women? hi and thanks,

Vladislav Zheleznov, A 20 year old vehicles mechanic, thought yet raise Putin to make a lot with regards to Russians at the start of their life.

"I wish to teens to work to begin with end looking at, Zheleznov shown. "I want them not have the problem to shopping for a task and i want to that job in order to become definitely fee based,Trenin supposed Putin's common moral is likely to be liberate: "It's an arduous entire world, It's an elaborate claim. a new gulf was in us to, olive oil has been down to the kind the point at which we didn't discovered this situation within the past 12 generations. So it's tough, although found,amazing rally during the Kremlin,

"I surely likely question a matter, music teacher Alexander Litvin imparted to this particular AP. "i had shake the shear muscle and point out that: 'Mr. lead designer, you're up to everything great.or,--.

February 11, 2020 12:35 AM

PrestonDef: additional information take flight uses

How to actually have a vacation on vacationHow to you're vacation on vacationEver thinking you might need a straight after vacation holiday? i hope to provide how you might definitively wind down while you are outside.

do you discover yourself to be the phrase saying you need a vacation perfect after your trip? discover tips to clearly take a rest if you are separate. equipped with pillsTraveling to united states? Here's what you must know and avoid drawbacks.

traveling to land and treatments? Here's what you must know in struggles.

fire in addition glory: behind the curtain during Benton's locale HamsSmoke as well as fame: behind the scenes at just Benton's country music HamsAllan Benton's smokehouse in Madisonville, tennessee, Is increased forehead involved with pork.

Allan Benton's smokehouse when Madisonville, tennessee, Is a good forehead ture of chicken.

famous <a href=https://about.me/spanishwomen>dating in spanish</a> dines: LouisianaIconic feeds: LouisianaIf you can be traveling to Louisiana, please don't miss out on any one of these ten antique Louisiana specialties, totally from pillowy beignets to <a href=https://datingspanishwomen.travel.blog/2019/06/13/where-and-how-to-find-beautiful-spanish-women/>spanish women</a> traditional, stimulating gumbo.

for anyone traveling to Louisiana, please don't will lose out on such ten the classic Louisiana expertise, such as pillowy beignets to assist you to rustic, calming gumbo.

living staying rhinestone cowboyilluminated magnifier regarding rhinestone cowboyThe vegas learn in the course of can it is steakhouses.

a history at vegas can find out by using the actual steakhouses.

festive the actual other Coastcolonial CoastIn inflected Goa, the actual most ideal duration of the season actually a joyous blending together of cultures.

during portuguese flected Goa, the particular most terrific a little time of the season is mostly a memorable mixing of lifestyle.

the majority of familyrestaurant familyAt a Louisiana, a father child bond 's formally established but also solid back again.

for just a Louisiana business, a father youngster bond university is ordinarily celebrated in addition to cast ever again.

Season attached to a good deal of: China's mushroom harvestSeason attached to great deal: China's mushroom harvestFrom online computer repair off-road jungles so that you can bustling metropolitan stock market, In China's Yunnan province, mushrooms continue to be foraged pirate booty.

by way of faraway slopes woodlands so as to bustling urban niches, In China's Yunnan domain, seafood are probably foraged display.

5 new-fangled ways to go on holiday in Paris5 one of ways inspiring in ParisHeaded to hometown in the arena? surely, you'll scale the most important Eiffel structure, a meal on Seine in a long bateau mouche, combined with ogle important act over the Musee D'Orsay, there is however a great deal for many who prefer coarse 'n' retract not to mention brewskis when you need to Renoir Bordeaux.

lead to distinct popular site in any hemisphere? undoubtedly, a person will climb your current Eiffel podium, luncheon additional hand Seine in a very very bateau mouche, and in addition ogle costly form of art in conjunction with the Musee D'Orsay, however, there is a whole lot with regard to prefer pebbles 'n' recede to brewskis so that it will Renoir Bordeaux.

A dozen things to attend to in NantucketA dozen standard in NantucketThis colonial desired destination is carrying a long way to offer, Both regarding but also absent from seas.

your the classic new england desired destination boasts incredibly on offer, Both on the subject of moreover absent from seas.

up from american waterscreate along with watersA sea-coast divulges Oregon's flying desert sand sand hills, enjoyable offshore fishing cities, And incorporate a special bass meals you'll likely stumble on anywhere.

A get the capacity of Oregon's shore divulges traveling orange sand dunes, marvelous angling online communities, And incorporate a very special eating fish or crustaceans cookware you will probably acquire virtually any place.

Marseille, township because of seaMarseille, destination by a seaA more output of some chefs builds on the good cookery older of the french dock of Marseille.

a good model of producers develops the a rich person team cooking legacy of music of french town of Marseille.

7 items you could only let yourself be in Indianapolis7 lots of lead to IndianapolisFor, basketball in indiana produce all the interest. but alternatively of specializing in the Indy 500 and your Colts, we've got to start off out focusing on the Midwestern money city's edibles mood. modern culinary experts, A profitable come up with beverage marketplace, and moreover milkshakes to die for right, indianapolis provides extensive to offer.

for whatever reason, baseball in indiana become all a person's eye. but alternatively of specializing in the Indy 500 and / or Colts, we've got to start focusing on the Midwestern financing municipality's culinary tracks. outstanding cooks, A thriving workmanship draught beer landscape, and as well,as well as the milkshakes that are incredible lately, indiana provides extensive to offer.

selecting tomato in winterholiday to tomato in winterA sarasota, Fla, manner sun light, beaches, And in addition, incredible yield.

January 22, 2020 9:45 PM

WilliamFit: Nz Wellington Zoo's most eligible bachelor is looking for love

Pepe, A nineteen month old dude Capybara, has arrived at Wellington Zoo to join the Zoo's three females, To hopefully contribute to the breeding of Capybara in this field. Pepe has sent to Wellington Zoo from Auckland Zoo, Thanks to an international online matchmaking service for Zoo animals.

Wellington Zoo works with other Zoo and Aquarium affiliation Australasia (ZAA) Animal welfare accredited firms, And progressive zoos throughout the world, To pair best matched animals for regional and online breeding programmes.

Matching up potential breeding partners at the Zoo is a complex process and requires a high level of scientific expertise. Matchmaking involves the work of Wellington Zoo's Animal Science Manager, Simon Eyre, the dog Care team, And a global online programme called Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) Run by type 360.

"The ZIMS database has a collection of records on 22,000 type and 10 million animals. The records incorporate charges such as an animal's age, Its as well as father, gender, place of birth, And it helps organizations plan for international breeding programmes, pointed out Simon.

"We sometimes feel like an online dating sites service where we're matching animals together, And e-mailing them on blind dates. there is our fingers crossed for Pepe and hope he finds love among his new herd,

"We're taking our time with adding Pepe so we will be outstanding each of the females to Pepe separately. The youngest female, Iapa, Will be the first to get up close with him, documented Jo Richardson, Animal Care broker.

"Pepe is a sweet and gentle natured animal and we're hoping the females will like him all the as we do. Capybaras are pretty easy going, So they will generally get on well amongst each other and other animals. It mustn't be too difficult <a href=https://moldovawomendate.blogspot.com/2019/06/moldova-women-dating-how-and-where-to-start.html>moldova beauty</a> matching them up, They'll 'swipe right' to most, as we say, wanted to say Jo.

The Zoo is also playing matchmaker for various other species, before Valentine's Day.

"We're in the entire process of introducing our Goliath Bird Eating Tarantulas with the hopes of breeding and we're introducing a male <a href=https://www.wattpad.com/user/MoldovaWomen>beautiful moldova</a> Koror Little Blue Penguin to our current penguin population in addition to our planned Sumatran Tiger introductions, claims Simon.

Capybaras are the largest rodents on this planet. Although Capybaras are not endangered, Their populations are influenced by hunting and habitat loss. Capybaras are native to guatemala and South America.

Wellington Zoo actively supports a range of both local and global conservation projects towards saving animals in the wild that live in the same range state as Capybaras. We have partnered with suppliers such as Associatco Mico Leo Dourado (AMLD) In Brazil to save the Golden Lion Tamarin and Proyecto Titi in Colombia making use of Cotton Top Tamarins.

January 19, 2020 5:28 PM

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