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Cold Sores

Cold sores are a common illness affecting a large amount of the population. The virus that causes cold sores is transmitted ... Read article


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Mono is a rather serious illness, often difficult to differentiate from the flu due to its similar symptoms. Mono is ... Read article


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Autoimmune thyroid gland inflammations

Autoimmune thyroid gland inflammations are diseases characterized by antibodies or cells of our immune system attacking ... Read article


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Decreased thyroid gland function

Decreased thyroid gland function, hypothyroidism is predominantly a disease of the thyroid gland, although it can occur ... Read article

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Increased thyroid gland function

Increased thyroid gland function manifests through acceleration of the entire body's metabolism. It can be caused primarily ... Read article

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Struma means an abnormal growth of the thyroid gland. It can have various causes, the most common one being a lack of iodine ... Read article

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Thyroid gland inflammation

Thyroid gland inflammations are a fairly common disease with various causes and symptoms. Generally, they are divided into ... Read article

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Thyroid gland cancer

Some consider cancer to be rare, other consider it to be fairly common. The truth is that a malignant thyroid gland cancer ... Read article

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Thyroid gland diseases

Thyroid gland diseases can arise for various reasons. The most common are the swelling of the organ, increased or decreased ... Read article

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Thyroid gland

A thyroid gland is a hormone producing organ. These hormones influence many processes in the human body, from calcium ... Read article

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