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Diseases of the stomach

Diseases of the stomach are very common and affect wide spectrum of the population. The high incidence of stomach illnesses ... Read article

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Inflammations of the stomach are a heterogeneous group of diseases. Acute inflammations of the stomach arise as a reaction ... Read article

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The stomach

The stomach is a sac like organ that receives food and stores it. Accept for the storage of food stomach has many other ... Read article

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Blood in stool

Blood in stool is actually a series of symptoms of different illnesses. Blood in stool can in fact have different color ... Read article

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Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is frequent uncomfortable feeling from witch everyone one of us occasionally suffer. Sometimes the pain is ... Read article

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Operations of the stomach

Operations of the stomach are fairly frequent surgical interventions that are performed in diseases of stomach which can ... Read article


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Gastric banding

Gastric banding is surgical procedure that is aimed at weight reduction in patients who can not reduce their weight by other ... Read article

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Endoscopy is intervention method in which hollow organs and cavities of the body are examined. Gastroscopy is one of the ... Read article