How to take care of your lungs?

Apr 14, 2012 , Michelle Jakubíčková

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The lungs are a pair of vital organs that ensure the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In concerns of the health of our lungs, we should try to avoid cigarette smoke. It is recommended to live and exercise outdoors in fresh air. It is also important not the underestimate the seriousness of respiratory infections and always consult with your physician.

How to take care of your lungs?

The lungs are a vital organ.  They ensure breathing, which is a complex process that allows for the oxygenation of all the organs in the human body. Damage to the lungs causes a gradual decrease in lung function which can result in a complete loss of function and even death.  Lung transplants allow for the replacement of diseased, damaged lungs with ‚new‘ lungs from a donor, and in the case of severe pulmonary disease, is the only possible way to save the life of the pacient.  This risky operation is connected with numerous difficulties, especially the rejection of the transplanted donor organ by the recipient.  Proper care of the lungs ensures a lower risk of the appearance of lung problems.

Smoking and the lungs

Smoking cigarettes is linked to serious damage to the lungs and many other organs.  It is essential to prevent this damage and to fight against smoking. Choosing to visit only non-smoking restaurants and other facilities is one way to protect oneself against the effects of cigarette smoke.  If you spend most of your time in an office, car, shops or elsewhere, then try to ensure strict anti-smoking rules. Ask smokers to not smoke in these areas and instead to smoke out of doors.  Breathing in cigarette smoke increases the risk of lung cancer, even in non-smokers.  Also, try to prevent children from breathing in cigarette smoke.

Work and the lungs

The lungs can be damaged in numerous professions, where workers are in contact with dangerous, sometimes even carcinogenic, materials.  Carcinogenic materials are those that induce the uncontrollable growth of cells, that can form a tumour.  The most at risk workers are miners and labourers that inhale dust while working.  The most dangerous material is asbestos, often a part of insulation and brake pads. Asbestos can cause lung cancer and also asbestosis, which appears as lung fibrosis and can lead to death.

Proper care of the lungs

It is recommended to spend as much time as possible in fresh air.  This is difficult because fresh air cannot often be found in cities.  It is best to go for day-long walks outside the city.  It is inadvisable to walk near busy roads, where you would breath in the harmful exhast fumes.  Aerobic exercise in also favorable, such as quick walking, running or biking, most often in fresh air.  If one conscienciously takes care of one’s lungs then it is also important to prevent lung infections.

Vaccinations and dietary supplements

It is advised to visit your family physician and to inform yourself about the possibility of vaccinations for the flu and other illnesses.  This depends on age, as seniors and young children should be more carefully protected because they are more likely to suffer from respiratory tract infections.  It is recommended to use vitamins and other dietary supplements that increase the strength of the immune system.  At home, it is important to regularily air out rooms and protect against ticks and mites, which can cause allergies. In this case, consulting your physician is needed, and medications may be prescribed. Proper usage of medications is a must for ALL medications.

Regular exercise and stays in fresh air, preventing infections and not smoking will all help to reduce the risk of serious lung illnesses.


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